An interesting question on the forums:

While going through Lectures 1 and 2 I was hoping some sort of time frame was mentioned. Traditionally you have a project plan stating a time frame to finish up say, the marketing plan?

Monique Bizzell

My Response

I used to work in a place that took schedules very religiously. I did researchy tasks there, the kind that may be done in an hour and may be done in a week, and you can never know.

No matter how many times my boss asked me rephrased versions of “how long will it take you to be done by tomorrow noon?”, the tasks were done when I succeeded, and never before.

That’s how it is.

Scheduling limited time for research threatens to force you into market with a bad idea that will fail, and for no particular gain.

I personally recommend never to commit to a schedule unless somebody else will be blocking on you — which should never happen before you know what your product will be.

As managers, we tend to feel that if there’s no schedule we’re not in control – that’s a harmless irrational fear and should be dealt with like any other irrational fear.

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