Already Made It

Do not miss this series of posts by Kahlil Korazo, in which he tells his experiences teaching the Lean Launchpad based only on public resources.

Kahlil decided to teach the Lean Launchpad because he wanted to study it and there wasn’t a course avaliable nearby. Teaching is indeed the best way to learn. It is, however, very demanding. Most people wouldn’t have followed through with such a plan, and I applaud Kahlil for it.

He had to set things up with a local university, find people who want to learn and have the skills needed to apply the material, build a course schedule based on reverse engineering presentations that Steve published, recruit the best entrepreneurs and VCs in his area to mentor, all while following the class curriculum himself.

And we get, for free, to hear a teacher’s insights to the material, which tend to be and in this case indeed are much more advanced than what you get as a student.

Worth a read.


I personally also got from it an interesting discussion of The Flipped Classroom and methods of teaching in an internet age, which will be very useful to my project.

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