Illustration in Teaching

Watching Steve’s lectures, I just have to say this.

Illustration is amazingly useful when teaching / explaining / presenting / convincing.

I’ve held a firm belief that I cannot to learn to illustrate because I don’t think visually. I am realizing I’ll have to overcome it soon. It’s just too good a skill to pass over.

Here are some amazing examples of illustration skill tremendously improving teaching or presentation. I strongly recommend clicking all links:

Why’s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby by code poet “Why the lucky stiff”

Sketchnotes by graphic designer Mark Rohd.

“Bugs and Battleships” by Edward Z. Yang

“Starting Forth” by programmer/author Leo Brodie

Steve Blank (expected, wasn’t it?)

I believe all images are fair-use, authors that want an image removed – please contact me.

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