Business Model Exercise #1: geekar

I started exercising my idea muscles a few days ago.

Every day I think of 10 startup ideas and develop one into a business model. Some will be published here.

Lets begin with the first example – geekar, an Augmented Reality-enhanced retail, in the most early-adopter industry I know: geeks. geekar will sell comic books, tabletop roleplaying sourcebooks, board games, trading card games, manga, anime, computer games and so on.

geekar will be a network of small shops with empty shelves that can be seen, with some smartphone-camera-pointing, to not be empty at all but instead contain many wondrous products, depending on which path you took through the shop. That’s right, instead of using AR to put an entire huge shop in the customer’s reach, I will use it to make a one-aisle shop into a huge dungeon of many floors that contains much more than one aisle worth of merchandise.

As you might have noticed, geekar is much more an experience than a simple shop.

The higher floors will have products that are available immediately from the warehouse that composes the hidden part of the shop, but if you delve deeper you will find items that can only be mailed to you as they aren’t held in every shop. Geeks love the long tail products.

There will be riddles that allow you to access secret rooms, many surprising promotions that only appear if you took a certain path and the moon is at a certain phase, and every product in the shop will be highly discounted for one minute a day, so if you have patience you can get your favourite game for a huge discount.

Every item you watch will appear with additional information online, on the geekar forums. If another customer in another shop is looking at the same item, you’ll be able to discuss it.

Without further ado, here is the geekar Business Model Canvas:

geekar Business Model Canvas
geekar Business Model Canvas (click for web page)

You may have noticed that I use more lightweight graphics this time.

I wrote a simple script to help me create these, since I knew I’m gonna make lots of them. I’ll write a post about it in a minute.


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