Why Am I Here?

I’m taking this class to get ideas about starting up bouncing in my head.

I have a project to finish that is very similar to starting up except in a very unusual market, and when I finish it I’ll try my hands at the big ol’ free market. Since at work I only think of my own strange market, I don’t want to get too used to its peculiarities.

Thus, I took this class as a place where I’ll hang out every evening after work and hear lots of stimulating inputs, from Steve and from fellow students, which will get me to think about the problems I’ll be facing next year.

The good part won’t be watching videos and getting a certificate. It will be spending a while thinking through every interesting idea I hear in lectures or on the forums and developing my opinions on the blog. (As an unexpected bonus I also get much-awaited writing practice).

I’ll look forward to develop interesting conversations that touch (sometimes very lightly) upon the subjects studied in class, probably in the comments on this blog.